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Life as a Food Entrepreneur

Posted by Ani Blinova on

Life as a Food Entrepreneur

Here at Wink HQ, our day-to-day schedule is something that we're all very used to, and we go about our business each day with a set routine. However, we always have many friends asking us, "exactly what do you do all day?" Very good question, friends! The life of a food entrepreneur isn't always structured and we usually need to create our own motivation. So, what happens behind the curtain?

Rise and Shine

Our days typically begin at around 6:00am. After all, the "early birds get the worm," right?? Right. We begin with some water, coffee (regular or Vegan Bulletproof), and light yoga/stretching sequence. We also take time to write in our 5 Minute Journal. I always make sure to incorporate all of these morning rituals.

Gabe starts working at around 6:30am, handling all emails and financial tasks. I can barely get my brain to operate at that time, but to each their own.


At around 7:30am, we dive head-first into our daily workouts.This changes daily, depending on the day/mood/location. 

After getting cleaned up, breakfast happens at around 9:00am. This is usually our Post-Workout Smoothie, a parfait using our favorite almond milk yogurt, or some type of egg situation.

Getting it done...

We generally start working at around 9:30am. Our mornings typically consist of phone calls, lots and lots of e-mails and follow-ups, and sending out a LOT of feelers to different people. The Productivity Planner is a great tool that we use to make sure we make the most out of our time each and every day.


We break for lunch at around 12:30pm. At this time, we're lucky enough to be able to totally step away from our desks, and cook a wholesome, healthy lunch each day. We love stopping work and eating in quiet, making sure to enjoy this small break in our day.

Creating our future

Our afternoon hours are usually spent doing more creative things, such as writing the blog (HI!), taking photos, reaching out to new and inspiring people, and generally creating new content. During this time, there is a ton of back and forth discussion and brainstorming future events/endeavors. And maybe a cup of coffee. Or two.

The End

At around 5:30pm, we put a stop to our work (if we can) and enjoy a leisurely stroll with our dog for about 20 minutes. This is a great way to put a cap on our day and discuss what happened during the day. We discuss the good, the bad, what could be improved, and what our goals are for the next day.

The remainder of the evening is spent putting up an Instagram photo, making dinner, and resting to get ready to do it all over again. Plus, we always make sure to prepare for the next day by setting our coffee in the coffee maker, prepping breakfast, and laying out our clothes. 

Of course, all this changes on Mondays when we spend the whole day at the Wink Factory & Warehouse shipping all our delicious pints to you, or if we have a meeting, or if Gabe is producing Wink! Each day is slightly different, and that's always the most exciting part of owning Wink.

Gabe and I have designed our lives this way because this is what we truly love doing. If there's anything that YOU love to do, try and design your day around making sure it happens, and watch your creativity explode! 


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  • Brooke on

    You should be on Shark Tank!
    They would love this!

  • Kyla Barton on

    Great Post Ani,

    Very inspirational! It is so amazing that you guys not only have developed such an amazing life together doing what you love, but you also have created an AMAZING product that helps people enjoy something that is clean and healthy without the guilt. Right now, I am currently exploring what ignites the fire within me and hope to someday be where you guys are!

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