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Crepes are the way to our hearts...

Gabe and Ani both graduated from McGill University in Montreal. Montreal is in Quebec, the French province of Canada. Since they were immersed in Quebecois culture, Ani enjoyed her fair share of crepes on the weekend, smothered with a chocolate-hazelnut spread, covered with whipped cream, powdered sugar, and ice cream. Gabe was diagnosed with his allergies before starting McGill, so he never got to experience true crepes in Quebec. Ani, being the maverick in the kitchen that she pretends to be, wanted to give him a taste of what he missed out on. 

Check out this recipe for clean crepes! They turned out soft, delicate and fluffy. These are such a great little brunch treat! 

Ingredients for the crepe:

  • 1.5 cups gluten-free flour blend
  • 1.33 cups almond milk, or your favorite non-dairy substitute
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 1 banana

Ingredients for the toppings:

  • Dark chocolate
  • 1 can coconut cream, refrigerated overnight
  • Berries. We used strawberries and blueberries,but use whatever you'd like


  • Add all ingredients into a blender
  • Blend until thoroughly combined. The batter will feel very thin!
  • Grab your best non-stick skillet and grease well. We used coconut oil spray
  • Add 1/3 cup of the batter into the skillet, turning the skillet to spread the batter around evenly
  • Let cook until bubbles form on the side of the crepe
  • Carefully flip the crepe with your largest spatula

For the toppings:

  • Melt chocolate in a double boiler (a heat-proof bowl set on top of a pot of simmering water)
  • Whip coconut cream in a mixer on high speed, adding 1/4 teaspoon of stevia, if you'd like


  • Add some berries onto the crepe, and roll into a log. Do this for as many crepes as you'd like
  • Top with several scoops of Black Cherry Cacao Nib Wink
  • Add on some coconut whipped cream
  • Drizzle everything with the dark chocolate
  • DIG IN!! 

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size: 3 crepes, as shown, with berries and toppings

Calories - 250

Fat - 12.3g

Carbs - 35.1g

Fiber - 7.1g

Sugar - 11.6g

Protein - 5.3g

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