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Become a Morning Superhero: Creating Your OWN Morning Routine


Become a Morning Superhero: Creating Your OWN Morning Routine

Become a Morning Superhero: Creating Your OWN Morning Routine

There are many anecdotes of Benjamin Franklin and Warren Buffet having rigid morning routines, saying that putting one in place will increase the productivity for the rest of the day. But, with our busy schedules, exactly how do we cultivate our ideal morning routines? Well, let's take a look at some steps that have helped our team get right on it! 

1. Are you truly a morning person?

If you are, then great! Wake up as early as you want, giving yourself PLENTY of time in the morning to do what you think will result in a productive day. 

Not one of these mythical morning creatures? That's cool too! Let yourself get used to an earlier morning alarm S L O W L Y by working your way up to your desired wake up time. Try setting the clock 10 minutes earlier for tomorrow morning. You won't miss the 600 seconds.

2. Tackle that To-Do.

Is there a whole list of things that you want to get done in the mornings but never can?  Try doing ONE thing on your list in the morning, and build up from there. It's easier to wake up 10 minutes earlier to squeeze in that load of laundry or Sun Salutation rather than attempting to wake up 2 hours earlier for a full-body workout (and subsequently feel like a zombie for the rest of your day). Pick and choose, and change it up daily! 

3. Prioritize Your AM Routine

It would take a good 4-5 hours to do everything the internet tells you to do in the morning.

"Sorry, you want us to meditate, take the dog on a long walk, go to the gym, shower, get dressed, AND make a kale & avocado omelette with a bulletproof coffee, all before we have to get on the road and commute to work?" That's honestly not going to happen.

Instead, take some time to choose  what's most important.

Do the fur-babies need a walk? Why not leave the phone at home and take them on a leisurely stroll, making sure to be mindful and "meditate" in between their wee-wee breaks?

Is working out a #1 priority? Save time by creating a "sweat-proof" hairstyle and making your breakfast ahead of time.

Do you want to enjoy breakfast and forget the rest? Then carve out those extra 20 minutes to sit down and enjoy a wholesome, healthy breakfast while doing some reading!

Remember, these are YOUR hours! 

4. Nightly Prep

This is a great tip for every person. It's always so easy to just pass out at the end of a long day, but if you take 10-15 minutes while watching Netflix, you can set yourself up for a successful morning.

Try to lay out tomorrow's outfit tonight. Or better yet, make your breakfast and prep your lunch for tomorrow for a quick morning exit.

A couple of awesome breakfast ideas include our personal favorite post-workout shake and these Morning Glory Muffins, packed with carrot, zucchini, and apple. Making your morning fool-proof will definitely help you start each day on the right foot.

Prepping the night before may sound like a drag, but trust us, it helps!!! 


What do you like to do in the mornings? What tips have you found to be helpful in providing a go-to-playbook for AM rituals?


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