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SUGAR FREE WEEK - Wink Frozen Desserts Update

Posted by Ani Blinova on

SUGAR FREE WEEK - Wink Frozen Desserts Update

Last Tuesday, we brought up Mind Body Green’s amazing challenge, “No Sugar Week.” MBG challenged its readers to go 7 full days without any kind of added sugar, and limited naturally-occurring sugar (fruit, for example) to no more than twice daily.

Naturally, being a low-sugar and low-carb product, this piqued our interest. Gabe and I already live a low-sugar lifestyle, but we wanted to know if we were truly up to the challenge.

So, what happened? Well, we definitely learned a few things along the way!

Hidden Sugars

Sugar truly can hide in mysterious places. Make sure to check for added sugar in your salad dressings, ketchup, pasta/marinara sauces, even vegan cheeses! If you’re looking to cut sugar out, you've got to check the labels of your favorite foods. Luckily, Wink Frozen Desserts does not hold such dark, sweet secrets and is always made using organic Stevia and Monk Fruit instead of sugar.

Vegetable Snacks

I can’t tell you how many carrots and celery sticks smothered in unsweetened peanut/almond butter I had this week. The sweet crunch from the carrots satisfied any lingering sweet tooth I had. I also became obsessed with sugar snap peas dunked in some homemade (yes, I made it myself) hummus. So good, and they taste like candy!

Water, water, and more water

When cutting out sugar, one of the changes that really stuck me is that I was much more capable of telling the difference between my hunger cues and my thirst cues, and man, am I thirsty! The first few days, it was insatiable. I chugged water nonstop.

Get Creative

How many meals with grains, vegetables, fats, and proteins can one make? Well, countless! The idea really is to get creative and get to know your veggies! We tried cooking with all kinds of different vegetables this week. We don’t live in a hole, but cooking with veggies such as leeks, jicama, and turnips isn’t exactly a daily occurrence. Cooking with these was fun and exciting! We made some yummy turnip baked fries; made leeks and cauliflower into a soup; and munched on jicama throughout the day.  Stay tuned for some of our new recipes coming out!

What are some of your favorite, sugar-free, creative things to do in the kitchen? 

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