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Returns and Refunds

Guaranteed Frozen!

We pack each order in our eco-friendly coolers with enough dry ice to last the whole trip! Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns, but if your order arrives:

  • melted- Simply take a picture and email us at and we'll ship again on the next shipment day.
  • missing pints- We try to be perfect, but Wink is run by humans after all! We can include missing pints in your next order or send them on the next shipment day.
  • unsatisfied - We want everyone to love Wink, but we know taste is subjective. We are happy to reimburse you the cost of the product, minus shipping and dry ice/insulation costs that we incurred to ship you the product (varies by destination). Refunds are only available up to 30 days after the day you receive your order. Any request for a refund made more than 30 days post delivery will be denied.