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When Gabe first started creating Wink in his dorm room in university, he knew that he would be able to help some people with dietary restrictions enjoy dessert again. He never thought that we would enter so many lives and be part of so many customer's routines. Read what our friends have to say about us below! 

"I discovered Wink a little over a year ago, and truly cannot say enough wonderful things about the products and the people behind this amazing company. I place 2 orders a month because I absolutely LOVE these pints. In addition to the products, is the exceptional and superior customer service I receive every single time I place my orders. While most companies tend to fall short on customer service, Wink is exactly the opposite. They have treated me with such a high level of efficiency and kindness. I highly recommend this company and their frozen desserts."  - Veronica T.


"I've been a customer of Wink Frozen Desserts ever since their appearance on Shark Tank. I'm a lifelong diet and exercise enthusiast with an insatiable sweet tooth who gets pretty creative with his food to fill the gap. Winks seemed like an ideal ice cream substitute I've been missing, an answer to one's low calorie, low fat and low carb prayers! I've tried several competitors but felt discomfort after consuming it due to their use of dairy in the products. Winks was indeed the salvation I was looking for. The product is wonderful! I'm a huge fan of the Cocoa-Dough flavor and found creative ways of making a variety of ice cream treats using this product. Dice some strawberries and sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on them, pour a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and mix the slightly softened ice cream in. Amazing! Sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds for texture, pure satisfaction! For those weight training days, add one tablespoon of Casein protein powder and you will have a smooth and silky "dairy ice cream like" consistency. Feel like chocolate ice cream tonight? Add a tablespoon of dark chocolate cocoa powder and mix it in with your Cocoa-dough. The possibilities are endless! Since discovering Wink, I was able to shed the last stubborn fat off of my body and even convinced my parents to try to product to get into shape. Everyone had very positive results using Wink as their sweets substitute. I am a customer for life!" - Levi L.


"I was so excited to hear about Wink Frozen Desserts when it aired on Shark Tank.
I am allergic to gluten and lactose intolerant and several members of my family have food allergies as well. Growing up, I absolutely loved ice cream, frozen yogurt, anything frozen and creamy- unfortunately it did not love me; in fact it made me extremely ill. Now with close family and friends suffering with food allergies as well I was so excited to hear about Wink and even more excited when I tasted it- it's delicious! :)
I always have plenty now in my freezer for my family and friends to enjoy!
The staff at Wink are wonderful and provide great customer service!" - Julie J.


"I love, love, love you guys. Your product is a staple in my house. It is a treat I have every night. As I was going through my e-mail eating my Wink, I opened your e-mail and had a giggle. My story is not as severe as some, but I have to stay away from dairy, soy, gluten, processed sugars and corn for my well-being. Not being able to enjoy my favorite treats made my diet relatively bland and not so fun. Being able to incorporate a healthy alternative of my sweet treats has made me feel less left out. I can sit with others while they enjoy their treats knowing when I get home I can have mine. We live in a really rural area. I have tried to get the local grocery and health food store to sell Wink in their stores but sadly they don't feel a need for it in our area. Hence why I stock up monthly. I have an entire freezer for my Wink. I spread the word to everyone I know who suffers from Celiac, food allergies and food sensitivities. You guys are my favorite alternative to ice cream. My favorite flavors are Black Cherry Cacao Nib, Cocoa-dough, Vanilla Bean, Cake Batter, Choco-mint, Cinnamon and Peanut Butter and Jelly.  LOL, I think I have a problem!!! A Healthy Sweet Treat Everyone Can Eat is Dreamy. Thank You, Thank You My Wink Friends!!!" - Donna M. 


"A life-time lover of frozen desserts, I've searched for years for a sugar-free ice cream/frozen yogurt substitute I can have on a daily basis (that is easy on my stomach!). I'm so grateful for the day I found Wink on Facebook!  The calorie count and protein content make it fantastic addition to my diet - I love the Cake Batter, thawed for about 5 minutes, and topped with a little bit of chocolate syrup.  The only thing I'm missing is a nice Key Lime flavor of Wink ;) Looking forward to seeing it on the shelf at more local stores in the new year!" - Laura A.


"The best thing about having food allergies is that it is probably the reason that I found Wink. I have introduced so many (non-allergic) people to Wink. Initially my friends insist that Wink can't possibly taste good with such a clean ingredient list... then they try it and are just as hooked as me. I feel like a Wink employee when I am buying Wink at the store and telling people who are in the freezer aisle why they have to try it. I feel really good about treating my family and friends to something that is so healthy and just as delicious." - Kathleen K.


"I stumbled across an article about Wink Frozen Desserts while searching recipes for frozen desserts, I love making my own healthy treats with my ice cream maker and Vitamix and found an article about Wink frozen Desserts. So glad I tried them! The ingredients are healthy - no dairy, artificial sweeteners and other allergens and preservatives. These are only 100 calories a pint (25 calories a serving) and so yummy! Wink is available in a variety of flavors. I cannot find it in stores in Atlanta yet but can order it from the website. The service is amazing and my Wink arrives frozen (dry ice) delivered right to my door. The Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon Bun are my favorite and great for adding healthy toppings! Yay! Finally healthy "ice cream" without the horrible sick feeling I would get from eating commercial ice creams!" - Susan L.


 "Wink is the absolute best thing to eat anytime! I have it every morning with oatmeal, almonds, honey, and fruit! it's delicious, dairy free, sugar free, and vegan! My favorite thing is to have it with Greek yogurt!!! Who would have known pea protein could create a masterpiece! Although I have to order it, it comes completely separate used in dry ice and never melted!!! I applaud Wink's creators and all their hard work!!! You definitely will continue having my business, and I'm telling everyone about your awesome product!!!!" - Paige J.